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There is light at the end of the tunnel, and soon we will once again be able to send customers back to Italy!

Since the COVID outbreak, Italy has had to close its borders on numerous occasions to help control the spread of this highly contagious virus, however as global populations get vaccinated, soon the country will be reopening its doors to international tourism.

Starting in June 2021, the European Union will be introducing a Digital Vaccination Passport which will allow any fully vaccinated travelers within the Union to travel to Italy and not require quarantine.

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Boston Herald - July 10, 2017

A slice of heaven comes to Boston

Thousands of pizza lovers will make their way to City Hall Plaza this weekend to grab slices of authentic Neapolitan pizza during the first-ever Boston Pizza Festival, where dozens of local shops are serving up pies made on fresh dough.


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National Catholic Register - September 29, 2016

Another ‘Way’ to Rome

La Via Francigena, Italy’s Lesser-Known Pilgrim Route

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TTG Italia - September 7, 2016

L’estate nera di Roma Perché mancano i turisti

Il dato è di quelli da far impallidire: -20 per cento nei flussi turistici dell’estate. La doccia fredda, peraltro già nell’aria, è arrivata con gli ultimi numeri di Federalberghi Lazio: in un anno d’oro per il turismo italiano, Roma, centro nevralgico e motore anche dei flussi di visitatori della Penisola, è una delle poche destinazioni del Paese che non solo non è cresciuta, ma ha subito una battuta d’arresto senza precedenti.

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CBS Money Watch
CBS News - April 26, 2016

16 Top Vacation Spots for Retirees

Retirees might be out of the workforce, but that doesn't mean they can't go on vacations. After all, retirement is the perfect time to travel the world and visit the spots you've always wanted to see in person. The only question is: What are the best vacation spots for retirees?

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Rachael Ray Show - October 28, 2015

Two Lucky Viewers Win an Etruscan Culinary Adventure in Italy!

Donna Franca, owner of Donna Franca Tours is cooking an easy delicious Italian dish with Rach and is also giving away two trips to Italy! Each trip for two includes Donna’s 5-night Etruscan Culinary Adventure, perfect for food lovers and is worth over $5,000. Delizioso! 

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The Richest - September 29, 2015

10 Places Celebrities Visit For Amazing Vacation Adventures

For most normal folk, an uninterrupted two-week vacation is the highlight of their year. We work hard five days a week just so we can earn some money to go on a modest vacation to a destination that satisfies most of our desires. Key word – most.

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The Boston Globe logo
The Boston Globe - September 21, 2015

Classic holiday markets cure even the “scrougeiest” of souls

The smell of pine and incense drifts from kiosks filled with colorful handicrafts along tree-lined allées and around a lively skating rink. Appreciative spectators in heavy sweaters take a break from shopping to sip hot cider under heating lamps at an outdoor cafe. all beneath a massive evergreen festooned with lights...

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The Boston Globe logo
The Boston Globe - July 25, 2015

Boomer itineraries mix culture, cash, time

Boomers “want to experience the culture, they want to experience the cuisine, they want to experience the beauty and the history, but not just see the churches and museums,” said Leo Locke, president of Donna Franca Tours in Kenmore Square, which specializes in trips to Italy but has transformed its business from bus tours to customized vacations...

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Huffpost travel logo
Huffington Post - June 9, 2015

“No” Doesn’t Have to Be the Final Answer When You’re on the Road

If you’re thinking of taking “no” for an answer from a travel company, let Alan Schroeder talk you out of it.

When a late spring storm forced the cancellation of his return flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to New York on Spirit Airlines, he asked an agent to refund half the $1,455 he’d paid for his ticket — a seemingly reasonable request. Instead, Spirit credited him just $459.

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Bustle logo
Bustle - June 5, 2015

9 Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations That Look Way More Expensive than they actually are

For many people, planning the honeymoon is even more exciting than planning the wedding. While weddings become a sea of confusion — who will sit with whom, finding the perfect dress, trying to please everyone without mortgaging your future home...

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The Washington Post logo
The Washington Post - May 28, 2015

Stubbornness from customer service? Remember, two can play that game

Every day, customers ask travel companies for everything from discounts to refunds. And every day, travel companies turn their customers down. In the past, most travelers quietly accepted these rejections, believing they had little recourse.

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