Perfectly Arranged

For travelers who are more comfortable experiencing Italy and Europe on a pre-arranged itinerary, we suggest you choose from one of our renowned semi escorted vacations, exploring Italy's most popular destinations including the Vatican Museums and Sistine chapel in Rome, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, the Chianti Wine Country, pristine fishing villages on the outskirts of Palermo, the majestic vistas of Tuscany and Umbria, and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Sample exceptional wines or relax at one of our most acclaimed resort hotels. You have the freedom to choose from a wide array of Donna Franca's personalized itineraries and tailor your trip based on your own interests and travel needs.

If you prefer to travel independently and with a less structured itinerary, Donna Franca Tours also offers independent hybrid vacation packages to a wide variety of destinations. Our deluxe programs offer a more unique upscale travel experience that can be personalized to meet your desires and specifications. Become part of a real Ferrari Team enjoying the opportunity to personally drive these spectacular models, traveling for kilometers, accelerating through the winding roads of Italy from Rome to Venice and putting your driving skills to the ultimate test.  Or perhaps immerse yourself in the culinary culture of Sicily and indulge your senses on a fabulous gourmet adventure! At Donna Franca Tours we put you in charge of your vacation and assist you in developing innovative, custom, and personalized itineraries.

Perfectly Your Own

The travel industry is constantly evolving and here at Donna Franca Tours we strive to compliment those changes in order to better meet the needs of the new travel market. Donna Franca Tours has been offering travelers personalized itineraries for the most discriminating independent travelers to Italy and Europe for over 54 years. Our team of travel specialists will work hand in hand with you to offer total flexibility in planning your vacation. With your personal interests and budget in mind, Donna Franca Tours will turn your dream vacation into a reality.

Our unique hybrid travel options include luxurious accommodations in outstanding hotels, historic castles, princely villas, noble palaces, and quintessential country inns of your choice as well as private sightseeing, expert guide-lecturers, private chauffeurs, and a wide variety of other custom vacation services to cater to your every travel need. Donna Franca Tours offers the rich and genuine taste of Italy and Europe. Stay in a lovely country inn situated in the heart of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wine country, explore the hiking trails along the Fabled Cinque Terre, cruise along the Divina Amalfi Coast in a private yacht with your very own crew, explore the Venetian Bacari for local cicchetti, learn the secrets in making the perfect pasta in a country locanda, or have fun creating your very own Italian gelato during a hands-on lesson at one of Sorrento's most beloved gelateria.

Not everyone who travels to Italy knows how to choose just the “right place” at just the “right price” or even where to go for a deliciously prepared dinner or where to shop for authentic hand crafted artisan goods. Donna Franca Tours continues to search the length and breadth of Italy and Europe to provide you with the very best of experiences, traditions, culture and heritage.

Or Anything in Between

With over a half century of leading in custom individual and group travel to Italy and Europe, Donna Franca Tours has earned the respect of thousands of satisfied travelers and unveiled the beauty of our destinations through deluxe tours, accommodation, transportation, and authentic cultural experiences. The adventure is not limited to brochure vacation packages, our expert team of travel specialists can help design the perfect itinerary.

Consider our new 2021 brochure while planning your trip as an introductory guide to many rich and diverse destinations. All of these programs are designed to act as 'jumping points' from which you will be inspired to create your very own adventure of a life time. Whether you're interested in staying at a 16th century palace on the Grand Canal in Venice or a organizing a custom shore excursion, our European Vacation Experts can help make your wildest travel dreams a reality!


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