Villa Paola - Tropea


An elegant villa close to the centre of Tropea, in the south of Italy, facing the beautiful Coast of the Gods. Situated in a luxuriant Mediterranean garden, Villa Paola will provide the most restful stay in a gracious but informal environment.
The stylish design of its rooms and the meticulous care of its extensive outside spaces offer areas of great delight, all of them to be experienced: the terraced garden, the drawing room, the cloister or the infinity pool with its spectacular view over the sea.                                    Villa Paola derives from the rebuilding of a convent established by the Friars of the Ordine dei Minimi in 1543, and still preserves the hints of its past in the aesthetic charm of its design and the tranquillity of its spaces. The rooms have been renovated with great care and enthusiasm. Inside are twelve bedrooms of tasteful design, breakfast rooms, and the relaxation area, and outside the cloister, the terraced garden with furniture and the spectacular infinity pool with its view over the sea.


Villa San Michele‎ - Florence

Belmond Villa San Michele is nestled on a hilltop amid lush trees and terraced gardens, enjoying unparalleled vistas of Florence, stretched out before it in all its classic splendour. Dating from the 15th century, the Villa’s facade is attributed to Michelangelo. Step inside and you experience the ethereal beauty and solitude of a Renaissance monastery that is as much a part of Italy's culture as the country’s greatest cathedrals and galleries. Today, Belmond Villa San Michele is recognised as one of the country’s finest small boutique hotels. Stroll in the Italian gardens, bursting with lemon trees and fragrant roses, and savour superb Tuscan cuisine on the alfresco loggia as if in a private home.


Villa Scacciapensieri- Siena


The strategic location of Hotel Villa Scacciapensieri allows both to explore the city of Siena and its beautiful province very easily. Villa Scacciapensieri is located just 2 km from the historic center of the city, but at the same time, thanks to its fantastic scenery and offers views of the beautiful hills of Chianti. Thanks to its location is ideal for those who want to relax away from the chaos of the city and for those who want to visit the wonderful province of Siena. Thanks to its well-kept park, Hotel Villa Scacciapensieri offers its customers a unique environment to spend your stay in peace.

Weber Ambassador - Capri


The Weber Ambassador Hotel is a four-star luxury Capri hotel, right on the beach of Marina Piccola, the nicest of Capri Island. No beach in Capri isle and in the world is more fashionable and exclusive than Marina Piccola.



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